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Welcome to the Art of Accomplishment, where we explore a way of communicating and building connection in business, personal and internal life.

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Joe Hudson

Joe Hudson is a sought-after executive coach and creator of The Art of Accomplishment, an online learning platform for personal development. As a venture capitalist, Joe found that the most rewarding aspect, and the part he was most successful at, was the mentorship and coaching of the leadership of his portfolio companies. This insight moved him to his present role as a coach, business consultant, and teacher.

He now coaches 12 CEOs and leaders in prominent companies and runs transformative programs for both individuals and businesses. He is practicing a craft that makes big, lasting, and overwhelmingly positive impacts on the lives of people in his programs and in the companies he works with.

Brett Kistler

Brett is an entrepreneur, adventure athlete, and coach. He spent over a decade traveling the world to perform roughly 3,000 skydives, BASE jumps, and wingsuit flights in locations including Uganda, Turkey, Iran, and the Arctic. During this time, he built a remote software business,, now composed of several dozen team members across a handful of cultures and timezones.

Steeped in a lifestyle that frequently evokes both elation and tragedy, Brett’s explorations have turned inward to the emotional factors that drive decision-making and determine our capacity to process intense experiences with joy and acceptance. He’s followed this thread through neuroscience, psychology, psychedelics, and contemplative practices to the San Francisco Bay Area where he met and started working with Joe in 2018. Brett immediately appreciated the depth and broad applicability of Joe’s work, leading him to explore it deeply and ultimately partner up to bring these powerful tools to a wider audience in the form of this podcast.

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How the Body Speaks

January 7, 2022

What is Selfishness?

November 19, 2021

The Connection Course Series:

These episodes are part of the course materials for the Connection Course. If you’re new to the podcast, start by listening here to learn some of the fundamentals of our work.

Introduction to VIEW — Connection Course Series #1

VIEW is a state of mind that, through a series of experiments and exercises, you can learn to drop into with ease. When we approach conversations from VIEW we are able to understand others and…

Wonder — Connection Course Series #2

Being in wonder helps you understand the value of the right question and If you’re in wonder, it’s a constant exploration. Questioning the assumptions that are in your mind is one of the quickest…

Impartiality — Connection Course Series #3

In today’s society, we have an archetype of the successful leader as a commander; someone who knows what they want and bends the world to their will in order to get it. But so many of us end up…

Empathy — Connection Course Series #4

How does empathy affect our decision making? We often think we are making decisions based on intellect but in reality we make many, if not all, decisions based on trying to feel or trying not to feel…

Vulnerability — Connection Course Series #5

Many of us have learned to associate vulnerability with weakness. We fear that being deeply vulnerable will open the door to being dominated or taken advantage of by others. What’s the difference…

The Master Class Series:

These episodes are part of the course materials for The Master Class.

The Art of Accomplishment — Master Class Series #1

The premise of The Art of Accomplishment is simple: it is our heart’s capacity that determines our success and happiness in life. Emotional intelligence is the bottleneck to the change we want to see…

Embarking on the Journey — Master Class Series #2

When we are ready to embark on the journey of self-transformation we want to make the most of our time in an effective and progressive way. For this, as with all journeys, it helps to have a compass…

Connection over Perfection — Master Class Series #3

We are taught from a very young age that doing things perfectly will get us where we want to go in life. But what if doing things in connection is far more effective? What if being in connection with…

Enjoy over Manage — Master Class Series #4

The problem with getting good at managing your life is that you end up with a life that has to be managed. What would happen if you found out that focusing on enjoying your life could make you more…

Feel over Figure — Master Class Series #5

We often try to figure out solutions to our problems intellectually. But modern neuroscience tells us that, if you removed the emotional centers of your brain, you would be unable to make even the…

Want over Should — Master Class Series #6

If you look at all the bad habits that you’ve been trying to stop for a decade they all have one thing in common: They are all things you’re telling yourself you SHOULD stop doing. What if thinking…

Authenticity over Improvement — Master Class Series #7

When we consider how we want life to be in the future we often create a list of things that we have to improve about ourselves. Yet we rarely consider that we could succeed in “improving” every…

Empower over Power — Master Class Series #8

The accumulation of power seems like a good idea at first. Then we see how deeply insecure some billionaires and leaders of countries can be. What if no amount of power could ever make you feel safe?…

Love over Defense — Master Class Series #9

We are taught how to defend ourselves from a very young age. But few of us are taught the pragmatic power of love. We build a series of walls we can put up whenever someone makes us uncomfortable.…