Connection: A State Beyond States

The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
Connection: A State Beyond States

We talk a lot about connection in this podcast — connection with ourselves, our emotions, our relationships and with the world around us. It’s essentially what we’re pointing to in every topic we discuss. In today’s episode, we talk about why that is, and how orienting toward connection in all aspects of our lives facilitates sustained expansion, increases our capacity, and puts us in touch with something bigger than ourselves.

“And the truth is that you’re being in connection with yourself and others is not dependent on anybody else because being in connection with what is doesn’t require anybody else.”


What We Discuss in Episode 50:

2:13   Defining connection as a “meta state” or a state that encompasses all states.

17:31   How being connected affects productivity and effectiveness in a team.

23:39   The physical sensations in your body that let you know you’re in connection.

28:45   How to be with tension and still feel deeply connected to yourself.

32:48   Why connection is all internal and completely within your own locus of control.

38:16   How to drop back into connection when things get tough.


**Full transcript coming soon! Check back HERE for the link.**

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