Limiting Beliefs: The Hidden Rails That Guide Our Lives

The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
Limiting Beliefs: The Hidden Rails That Guide Our Lives

In this episode, we talk about limiting beliefs and how they run our lives, affecting our capacity to be with ourselves and live the life we want. We discuss how to find them, see through them, and discover what happens when these beliefs are no longer running the show.

“It’s about being able to integrate new knowledge. And if you can’t integrate new knowledge because you think you have the whole story, you’re limited. Period.”


What We Discuss in Episode 48:

2:51    Defining what limiting beliefs are and how they can impact your life.

12:27   How welcoming or resisting a situation shifts both your interpretation and experience of it.

17:15   The notion that integrating multiple perspectives creates better solutions.

22:14   The three general categories of limiting beliefs.

24:06   How to see through the limiting perspective by discovering it in reverse.

34:30   One of the most common limiting beliefs and questions to ask yourself to determine what relationship you have to it.


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