What’s So Scary About Boundaries?

The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
What's So Scary About Boundaries?

What’s the difference between a boundary and an ultimatum? What happens when we use “boundaries” to control another person?

In today’s episode, design researcher and strategy consultant Alexa Anderson joins Joe Hudson for a discussion on boundaries. Tune in to learn how drawing better boundaries can deepen relationships in work and life by immediately increasing our capacity to love.

“It’s scary if your boundary is accepted and the person loves you in your boundary, because that means the way that you have modeled the world in the past has to now change. And that means you have to change.”


What we discuss in Episode 47:

3:51   How optimal boundaries increase your capacity to love somebody.

8:25   Why walking on eggshells, caretaking and other people-pleasing behaviors are not the same thing as compassion.

9:35   The trap of trying to change the ones you love in hopes that it will make them happier.

13:46   How to hold boundaries in a work context.

20:33   The difference between a boundary and an ultimatum.

30:12   Resentment as an indicator that a boundary is not being drawn.

54:07   Why boundaries can be scary to set and difficult to hear.


**Full transcript coming soon! Check back HERE for the link.**

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