The Power of Gratitude in a Team (Bonus Episode)

The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
The Power of Gratitude in a Team (Bonus Episode)

After listening to our two-part series on building functional teams, it’s easy to see all of the shortcomings in our teams and realize that we might have a ways to go before we can truly call our teams functional. This realization can result in shame and feelings of not being good enough. Once we realize that our brains are wired to focus more on what’s going wrong than on what’s going right, we can shift to a more balanced assessment using a powerful tool. Gratitude allows us to see how the things we might call “setbacks” or “failures” might actually be leading us to the success that we desire. Tune in to this bonus episode to learn about the power of gratitude in a team.

I would say the real, core reason as to why people resist gratitude besides that it’s strange and awkward in the beginning is the fact that they’re scared that they won’t be prepared for the inevitable doom that is always around the corner if they are happy.”

What we discuss in Episode 46:

1:27   Negative self-talk and how it contributes to the group dysfunction.

3:36   Having gratitude for the lack in your life and why that’s important.

7:40   Discerning between dissociative and embodied forms of gratitude.

8:04   A simple gratitude practice that can be easily used with teams and in families.


**Full transcript coming soon! Check back HERE for the link.**

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