Building a Dysfunctional Team – Team Series #2

The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
Building a Dysfunctional Team - Team Series #2

Last week, we discussed the characteristics that set functional teams apart and how to build your own. In part two of this series, we explore the opposite: what makes a team dysfunctional and how to recognize the signs of one in your own organization. Some of the things that we discuss include why trading short-term discomfort for long-term discomfort is often counterproductive, the top characteristics of leaders who produce dysfunctional teams and the root of the dysfunctional behavior itself. Join us to learn how to identify these behaviors in your team and correct them so that you can cultivate a team culture where creativity, innovation and group cohesion thrive.

“The best way to measure if a team is dysfunctional is at the end of a meeting, do you feel invigorated or do you feel depleted?”


What we discuss in Episode 45:

1:26     What makes a team dysfunctional and why dysfunctional teams exist despite their shortcomings.

9:50    Why innovation requires a functional team culture to thrive.

11:09    Characteristics of dysfunctional leaders and how they impact the team as a whole.

18:18    Signs to watch out for in teams that point to a lack of cohesion and effectiveness.

23:20   Practical steps that anyone can take to bring their team back into alignment.

25:42   The root of dysfunctional team behavior and how it relates to unprocessed emotions.


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