Building a Functional Team – Team Series #1

The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
The Art of Accomplishment Podcast
Building a Functional Team - Team Series #1

Every functional team is context-dependent on some level. Functionality looks different for a team of Navy Seals than it does for a team at a food processing center. However, there are qualities that all functional teams share. How are you meeting your goals and achieving results relative to other teams in your field? How much do people enjoy being a member of your team? How much do you trust that you will be seen, heard and respected when showing up as your authentic self? Tune in and learn more about what a functional team embodies and how to build your own.

“I’ll go into teams and one of the things I’ll do immediately is ask everyone what they want from a team and they almost always agree on everything. Everybody really wants the same thing. If you start owning your wants and you start creating the vision of what you want the team to be, whether you are the head of the team or not, it doesn’t matter. Everybody wants it.”


What we discuss in Episode 44:

1:15     The different types of functional teams and qualities that they all share.

7:05     Ways to determine whether your team is operating functionally.

11:50    Why trust is the foundation of a successful team and how to cultivate it.

18:42    The importance of putting the power of decision-making into the hands of the people who are contributing to the solution.

24:10    Ways to measure the success of a functional team and how it is context dependent.

31:57    Cultivating a team culture where people are encouraged to speak up and why it matters.


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